Breeding Information

Breeding Items Cost Cherries (critters): ------
Standard Cherry (required for EACH breeding) - Produces One Baby : 25,000 PG
Twins Cherry (Guarantees Twins) - 300,000 PG
Triplets Cherry (Guarantees Triplets) - 500,000 PG
Rainbow Cherry (Guarantees one baby will be rainbow) - 30,000 PG
Glowing Cherry (Guarantees one baby will glow) - 30,000 PG
Mutation Cherry (Specify one mutation for one baby)- 150,000 PG
S-Gene Cherry (Specify up to 2 sgenes for one baby) - 30,000 PG
?? Cherry (One baby will be COMPLETELY random!) - 50,000 PG
Pink Cherry (Guarantees one female baby) - 30,000 PG
Blue Cherry (Guarantees one male baby) - 30,000 PG

Breeding Items Cost Cakes (guardians) Coming soon

I want to offer my critters for breeding - what can I accept in return? :
BP , PG , babies from the breedings , and other adoptables from their makers (or if that adoptable is allowed to be traded all the time )

I co-own my ITW with someone - can I breed?
Yes but you must have your co-owing person post permission in the breeding permission thread <3

What if you do not have baby lines for (this breed):
No problem , I will deliver the baby to you in a basket instead :)
You can watch your basket and eventually the critter will pop out of it for you into a fully fledged adult.

Can Sweet Sensations / ITM breed this season?
~ Yes! The only thing is - i have NO mutations for sweet sensations or ITM ...just so you know and understand that.
Also there is NO baby stage for the sweetsensations , so they will be delivered to you in a basket as their baby stage.
(yes you can breed ITM with ITW by using wish upon a star - described below)

I have an OAK critter - can they breed?
Yes but they won't pass on their special line art breed - since they are truely One Of A Kind.
However they will be considered line art edits and have a chance to pass on similiar wings - or things that were in their hands. (similiar clothes possibly too) - if you get a line art slot.
If you don't have a line art edit slot then they will come out as just normal critters (maybe with a standard mutation to replace the wings)

What is required for breeding?
~ You must purchase [B]one[/B] standard cherry for each breeding that you do ... any other cherries that you purchase to go along with that are extra .. but the standard cherry is required with 'every' breeding <3

How many times can each of my critters breed?
~ Each female may breed once per season .. and each male can breed twice

How do I get a breeding?
(this 'can' change - be aware - look at the breeding thread to be sure)
~ Claim a spot by posting in the thread "Claim a spot" or something <3 just so I know
~ Confirm any and all permissions needed for breeding with others in the breeding trading thread
~ Fill out a completed breeding form above , and post it in the thread in a brand new post:)
~ Send the PG for your breeding items
~ Watch for updates in the main breeding thread :) I'll be posting the babies there as they are born~
~ never edit your posts!
~~~~~ please realize you are never guaranteed a spot until your form is completely filled out and all permissions given <3 , and even if the other person is offline for awhile .. until you get the permission posted in the breeding trading thread .... you will not have a spot!

I bought a Into the Woods Fairy!! What can I do with her .. I heard that she is used during breeding season~
~ YUP YUP the fairy is able to help you with a little gift during each breeding season :D
Each breeding season you may have one free standard cherry :) .

How do I claim my fairy free breeding cherry?
~ When you post your form - under 'any other information' say - Fairy Free Cherry! or something like that so I can know <3

I have a love pair - (2 critters on the same cert) - what makes them special?
~ They can breed for free with eachother once every season :)
(this only includes the basic cherry - you can purchase others though)
You MUST get a slot though <3

I have a eternal baby , can they breed??
~ Eternal babies - must breed only with another eternal baby - if you post a incorrect breeding it will be skipped. Sorry - last time it was too hard chasing down the people who were trying to breed eternal babies with adults.
But , please let me make a clear distinction between eternal and just 'babies' .
Eternal babies will have the flowery cert around all sides of the cert and it will say explicitly "eternal baby" - if it just says baby you can breed those with normal adults with wish upon a star.

Can two different species breed together... Like a bunny and a coon?
(Oh and how about sweet sensation with a ITM .. or a ITW)
~ Yes - but only by asking to wish upon a star :) - described below
They can feed eachother the cherries and everything can go as planned! There is NO difference on wishing upon a star and a traditional breeding ^_^
(also realize the species of your babies is 50/50 .. I'll roll for each baby to see which specie it turns out to be)

Can two females / two males breed together?
~ Not technically as well .. but just as I said above... if they do want to have babies together and have the chance to pass off some of their coloring/sgenes/mutations... they can both go and wish upon a star for babies to be born.
There is NO difference on wishing upon a star and a traditional breeding
They can feed eachother the cherries and everything can go as planned!

Can I have more than 3 babies between two parents?
~ No, you can only choose standard, twins or triplets .. not a combo

What is the policy for mutation passing?
(Angelic, Demonic, Fairy)
~ If both parents have the mutation there is a 100 percent chance that at least one of the babies will receive it. (It will be a 50% chance for each additional baby born.)
~ If only one parent has a mutation there is a 50 percent chance that at least one of the babies will receive it. (It will be a 25% chance for each additional baby born.)
~ If both parents have different mutations then I will first roll to find out which mutation will pass... and then do the calcuations above for 'one parent' having a mutation.

What is the policy for sgene passing?
~ First i will roll to find out how many sgenes will pass... and then it follows the same rules as for mutations <3

How many cherries can one couple choose?
~ As many are you would like :D
So .. if you want to have .. a set of triplets .. and purchase every other cherry available (except for more baby cherres) ... you are welcome to :)

How do you decide which baby gets the trait I bought my cherry for?:
~ well for instance .. if you bought a glowing cherry and also a triplet cherry .. I would set 'glowing' to be represented by a specific number on my dice... and then I'd keep rolling one die for each baby .. over and over till one of them landed on the 'glow' number :D <3

What if I want all 3 of the triplets to glow?
~ then buy 3 glow cherries! <3

What does the ?? cherry do?
It allows me to go hog wild when making your baby! Yes that is right :)
I get full choice over which sgenes , colors , paintings etc etc goes on the baby :)
I will have fun with these , so... if you are looking for a suprise this is how to do it!!!

I don't have any Into the Woods critters... or I only have one and no one to breed with.. what can I do ? I want a baby!
~ Well... I may be posting some games/bribes to win breedings from my own ITW critters .. so keep watching the thread... otherwise make sure to check out In my 'offical' Into the Woods - Breeding trades thread in the Adoptables Breeding Forum ... where I will ask people to post offering their critters for breeds :)
You will be required to pay the breeding fee that the people list ... and then you can post your form here :D

I want to let (name here) breed with one of my critters .. what do I do?
In my 'offical' Into the Woods - Breeding trades thread in the Adoptables Breeding Forum ... you will need to post your permission!
If I don't see the permission posted there at the time of breeding .. I won't know that the breeding is allright and it will be skipped.

I have ITW critters that I want to let people breed with.. how do I do that?
You can post a post in In my 'offical' Into the Woods - Breeding trades thread in the Adoptables Breeding Forum <3
(more information on that will be in that offical post) :D

Line art edited breeding:
If you can get a slot - you are welcome to breed line art edited critters.
In a breeding - an edit will always be passed from one of the parents.
If two parents have edits - the edit will be a combination of the both of them - or may focus soley on one of the parents edit themes. It depends on the dice with a 50/50 roll.

Yes guardians can breed with eachother :)
- you can have two females wish upon a star .. or you can do a male/female breeding ^_^ your choice :)
Same price for guardian breeding items = everything remains the same
Guardians can only breed with other guardians! - This *IS* a new rule - but an important one.
If any breeds come across trying to breed a guardian with a critter - they will be passed over.