I purchased all line arts from the artists with the sole purpose of creating an adoptable on pony island. I will contact each one individually for permission to resell the lines if there is ever a time where I can not keep up with Into the woods... but I will NOT sell without permission.

I have a contract with Exhaltorio/ Angel of Heaven that I can only sell the bears , coons , bunnies for USD$$. All other line arts from her can only be sold for adoptable/PI currency, and I will fully honor this agreement.

Every other artist has agreed to USD$$ transactions, in reference to the sales of completed adoptables.

The ideas of ITW , and the inner-workings thereof belong to faerain of Pony Island. You may not take and display a critter that is not your own .. anywhere. If you have purchased an adoptable from me , you are welcome to display it where you like , however you may never remove the artist information from that adoptable , and never claim this artwork as your own.

You are allowed to make banners and avatars and things like that from your own owned critters , but you are not allowed to ever profit off of selling changed/ digital manipulated adoptables/banners.

Of course , you are also not allowed to steal the lineart / templates / artwork and use it for your own profit /gain or personal use.

If you have any questions about any of this, contact me on ponyisland.net. My username there is faerain.

~ Also sometimes I will use brushes from Obsidian Dawn - which are free to use and I encourage anyone to use :)