What is Into the Woods - (ITW):
Into the woods - is an adoptable located in the ITW association - and the Adoptables General forums on the website ponyisland. You can win/purchase many different species of critters , and start a collection of your own. During breeding season you will all have the chance to breed your ITW together to make new little babies to keep or to trade away to others. RP opportunities creep up once in awhile , so if you enjoy that - feel free to play along! ITW is mainly a collecting/breeding community - and we LOVE to have fun!

Can I have one for freeeeeee?:
(Technical answer) - Yes.... But how do you go about doing that? You need to participate in thread giveaways and win them during raffles / events and games! Everyone has just as high of a chance as anyone else to win one... just takes time and patience <3

Can I please buy a custom from you?:
You can read all about it right here: Customs Info

When is your next flatsale/giveaway / etc?:
I do not usually know very far in advance what I am planning , but if you are on the mailing list you can be notified just as soon as one is starting!

Well then .. how do I get on your mailing list?:
Please send a PM to: Into the woods (my account on ponyisland) with a polite request asking to be added , and I will do that the next time I send out a mailing :)

I heard that you have an *association* for ITW.... what is it - and how do I join?:
The ITW Association is a set of forums setup on Ponyisland that are specifically for ITW followers. I will have various games/giveaways/sales and a bunch of general info posted there - that are for association members only. The association is also a great way to get to know other fellow ITW lovers and build a great community together. If you would like an invitation to the association , please send a ponyisland PM to : Into the Woods (my account on Ponyisland) with the subject title "LET ME IN" - and put in the message of the PM some reasons about why you would like to join.. and I will send you an invitation the next time I'm working on them.

Do you accept adoptable trades?:
Yes I do to a point :) It depends on my workload , quality of the adoptable , preferences and all of that jazz. Send me a pm letting me know what you would like to trade for ... and you never know , I might just accept :D hehe

How do I breed?:
You can read all about it right here: Breeding Info

What species of critters do you have?:
Click here to see all the species! Species