How Into the Woods Came to be: - Written by CrystalTwilight

When the world started, there was a song which echoed throughout the black. It created light, water, land, and all living things. But that was not the only melody. Another song, only a whisper, glided across the land. It whispered magic in all ears and surrounded all plants and waters. But as time went on, the whispered song was forgotten... the magic almost lost. After many ages there was no sign of any living thing remembering the whisper unknown... except one. A small dragonfly still had remembered the song, passed down through the generations. It glowed brightly when all else was dim. Many creatures were jealous of the dragonfly... but even though he sang it, they could not hear. The small dragonfly went away... To an empty woods. He soon became lonely and started humming the song. After a few notes the strangest thing started to happen. The brown ugly trees suddenly glistened purple and green in the twilight... The murky waters became clear like glass and reflected the moon. Cherry trees blossomed and a tornado of sakuras floated in the air. A small group of small brown critters gathered near the dragonfly. They listened, and were filled with the magic that was forgotten since the beginning of time. They started changing colors, magnificent hues of all the colors of the rainbow. Some of the magic in the water made tips and fades on the critters when they splashed in it. Six little newly fairy coon girls were playing at that time. They soon found out how to fly, but flew right into a sakura tree. Many of the small blossoms planted themselves right on the noses of the flying group. All of the animals liked the song very much. They kept humming it and humming it. The more it was sang, the more the magic grew. Some critters grew fairy and angel wings, others started getting color on their ears and paws. The time when the magic grew has been many generations, but it is still there. Some places peaceful and serene, other places filled with laughing and dancing. The animals have taken it upon themselves to spread the magic into the dreary world. Some of the animals have stayed dancing in the woods. Yet others have gone to live with people who love them... But no matter how far they are taken,they can always find the woods, for a small dragonfly, very much like the one who started it all, goes with them to hum them the song whenever they need it and guide the way back to the forest.

An Overview of the Land: - written by CrystalTwylight , Dookies and edited by me!

The purple-green forest has long forgotten its old brown state. With flowers swirling around and critters dancing, one couldn't even imagine what it used to look like. The mirror lake surrounds the purple hue of the morning summer forest. Down the road you can see a glorious waterfall that flows into a river under a white brick bridge. As always the river and lake are busteling with life with tons of tiny little fish hoping to nab a chance at a bit of some sweet giving bear's lollypops! At the dancing stump, the dragonflies start humming the song in preparation for the dances that will come later in the day. The critters of the woods are awakening and coming out to greet their neighbors. A small coon climbs a tree and sees millions of butterflies soaring above the forest as they do each morning. The sakura blossoms are falling upon the girls who are washing their faces in the crystal clear lake. The diamond dust is glittering with the morning sun, and the brightly colored creatures start their day in the amazing, magical woods. Further down the lane , you are able to see a community of houses where all of the little critters and their owners like to stay when they aren't out adventuring in the forest :)