*Gasp* Over the years , many many species have came to find a home in the woods. All species will be listed by their artists or types :)

*New* - Gallery of ALL of the critters!
(so you can now see every coloring of each species at one time!)
All of the Species!
AND here are the limited edition critters! (Special times of year only)
Limited Edition!

All Species - Separated by Line Artist ~

Exhaltorio aka Angel Of Heaven
(Bears , Coons , Bunnies , Deer , Butterflies , Squirrels , Owls , Deer Mice , Faeries)

Luna and Mattlock
(Red Pandas , Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys, Flop Eared Dogs , Phoenix)

Sweet Sensations - Many Artists
(Cotton Candy Uni , Peppermint Pony, Pixi Stick Pixi , Lollipop - Dwarf , Ice Cream Dreamer , Rock Candy Pony , Atomic Fireball Pony , Candy Necklace Pegasus)

(Chameleons, Foxes , Unicorns)

(Into the Magic -except for Unicorns)

Guardians - Many Artists
(Many hairstyles , clothes , items ... base by ChibiChise)

Keepers - Many Artists
(Many hairstyles , clothes , items ... base by AriyaEretsee)

(Mermaids , Many Items for the Guardians , coloring template for wolves)

(Turtles, Frogs, Hedgehogs, Skunks, Birds, Paradise Birds)

Misc - Many Artists
(Koi fish , BunnyFae , Wolves , Ildri, Plushies, Cats)