General Forum Rules/Regulations:
~ Be kind to others ....
This would mean please no mean spirited remarks to others in my threads. If you have a personal problem or quarrel with someone take it to PMs. I can't tolerate arguing and cruelty in the threads. They are a place for fun and enjoyment.
~ Only Bid/ Offer to pay what you actually have ....
If you participate in an auction or sale of mine , you must offer payment within a reasonable amount of time from the event. 24 hours should be enough to get online and send the payment to me. If these conditions are not met ... I can and may repossess your adoptable for resale/ giveaway.
~ Repossession/Rehoming of adoptables...
If you leave PI for ... a undetermined large amount of time (I am talking at least over 6 months here) , I may choose to reposess/re-home your adoptables to someone who can take care of them again. I also will do this to anyone found of grand theft in the adoptable / art world. Other reasons may come up in the future as well that I have not listed, but please realize I will only rehome/repossess adoptables if the owner has done something tragically deserving of it. I am here to make you happy ... and I would rather have your critters stay with you if it was a loving and caring home <3

Reguarding the resale/trade of ITW adoptables:
~ Not allowed unless during trading season ....
Eventually I will put up a trading season .. but until then I will have to say "no" to any selling / trading of adoptables until that time. I need to keep a close eye on trades that happen due to some contract restrictions I have with my line art. During breeding season yes I allow the sale of babies for PG and BP , but that is about it outside of a designated trading season. If you need to leave PI and need your critters rehomed for a specific reason , you can PM me about it and I can find homes for them.

Ownership of your own ITW adoptable:
~ Rights / Privileges
Once you own your own ITW collection... there are a few things you can do with your critters. You can display them on your presentation and other websites as long as you do not remove the artist / adoptable owner information from the certs ever.
You are allowed to make banners and avatars with your owned critters if you like , but you can never gain any financial (site or regular currency) off of the image making.
Never claim that the artwork is your own .. always give full credit to the original artist if asked <3

Other than that .....
That is what ITW is all about :)